Some earn as much as 30% commission from your losing bets. No surprise then really that a lot of their bets are “long-shots” with virtually no chance of winning. Simply put, they do not care, they get their money from the bookie as an affiliate commission from your losses. Next thing you know, you go back to Twitter or Facebook and the tip has been deleted, or worse; they have deleted the page. But don’t worry, they’ll be back soon with another page under a different name, a new tip for you to lose your money on, and a new bookie affiliate link for you to click on to open your next account as “this bookie offers more matches than the last one we sent you to”.

Another “service” which was offered up on Facebook for some time, although it seems to have died off a bit recently was “we have insider info on a certain match, send us money and we’ll tell you, or place your bets with this bookie”. Again they provided their affiliate link to get you to the bookie quickly.

These types of services have caused some friction throughout the betting industry, several reports have been written in various media outlets:

Skybet have also recently closed their affiliate program, whilst other bookies appear to be following their example by making it increasingly difficult to open affiliate accounts.

Of course there are other tipster services out there, some are published by newspapers for free, whilst others offer their services through their own website based subscription service. You will also find other free websites out there which aggregate the tips from all the newspaper tipsters. There has always been widespread debate about some of the tipsters being paid by the bookies. Whether or not there is any truth in that, as to this day, remains unanswered.

Personally, the only websites I use are the free ones which aggregate the newspapers tips into one page. It gives me a bit of insight into how the crowd might react for a particular race. I tend to steer clear of the paid services, reason being (and you can call me sceptical if you wish), I’m somewhat put-off by the whole:

“Horse Name” = “Win” = “+ 3 points”

“Horse Name” = “Win” = “+ 2 points”

Why not show a bet confirmation slip?

Perhaps I am missing out on a quick path to easy riches, perhaps not, I just prefer to do my own research using the wealth of information out there available for free.



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