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    I thought it would be a good idea to have an introductions section on here ? I’m new to trading, done a few years on the matched betting scene, so finding my way with trading now all my bookies accounts have been restricted or closed.

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    That’s a great idea!! ? we’re trying to make the site/service as social as we possibly can for our members. We can all set up our own profiles, search for other members, add friends etc. Hopefully everyone lets us know exactly what they want to see both on the software and the website and we’ll try our best to provide as much as we can ?

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    Literally just joined, been matched betting for quite some time now also, slowly making the transition over to trading 🙂

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      Welcome aboard myattearp 🙂 If you have a quick look through the forums, one of our other members started putting an overview of various topics to help everyone on their journey.

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    joined this morning 🙂 impressed so far!!! been trading ft for the last 3 years, originally was gambling like a maniac then my mate got me into trading, I make enough to get by these days, hopefully pick up a few tips in here to put into the holiday fund

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      Welcome aboard ? hope you enjoy using our software and find the website useful ?

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