Bookies v Exchange

Bookies v Exchange

Surf the net and you’ll find endless reports of bookies restricting accounts, banning people altogether, and even worse: reneging on the pay-out. Social media is one of the main places to find people venting their anger against bookies in all of these cases. Then to add insult to injury, newspapers issue reports on bookmakers paying themselves ridiculous amounts of money as bonuses.

It’s one of life’s unsolved mysteries as to why people would choose to bet with as bookie over the exchange.

With the exchange you get paid more when you win, even if you’re just a punter.

As an example, the bookie offers you 10/1, the exchange offers 12/1, you bet £10

With the bookie, if you win, they give you back £110 (£100 + £10 stake)

If the same bet was to win at the exchange, you would get £124 (£120 – 5% commission) + £10 stake

Even with the exchange charging you commission on your winnings, you are still finishing with bigger profit. If you won 10 bets like that, you would have an extra £140 in your pocket. And much less danger of the exchange refusing to pay you out.

There are also other exchanges you could use who offer lower commission rates. The betting exchange won’t impose limits on your account if you go on a hot-streak either.

That’s just an example if you were a regular everyday punter. But why risk everything pure punting when you can trade, and give yourself a lot more chances of being successful!


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