BlueMagicTrading Ltd. is jointly owned by both Jonny Miskelly, an advantage gambler from Northern Ireland, and Alex Frere, a software engineer from New Zealand. The pair were brought together through a mutual friend from England.

Jonny, originally a Restaurant Manager by trade, has been a member of Betfair since it first opened, and has used various techniques throughout the gambling industry over the years, whether it was counting cards at the Blackjack tables, or clearing the Craps tables in Vegas betting the DC Line, right through to matched betting and sports exchange trading. There is always an advantage to be found, you just need to know where to look.

The concept was originally built using MS Excel back in November 2016. The workbook was then connected into Betfair betting exchange. This workbook added to the methods provided by several big-players in the sports trading industry, who have been involved in the Beta testing stage of our software. On a personal note, we wish to thank them all for their input throughout the entire process.

Realising the potential within the excel workbook, Jonny began learning Visual Basic programming, constantly searching for help with the project on his Facebook page. Then in June 2017, he was first introduced to Alex, a C# engineer, with a fascinating history and a wealth of experience within the world of software development.

After hundreds of emails and endless hours of Skype conversations, BlueMagicTrading Ltd was born later that month. It is the first software to be fully focused on reducing the user’s risk as much as possible whilst trading. It has numerous functions yet to be seen on any other piece of software out there. We hope it brings you plenty of hours of enjoyment and good fortune.